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Discover HollyTools, the simulator to learn how to invest in the financial markets.

HollyTools is a new concept of investment simulator to learn in a practical and intuitive way.

Result of the fusion of technology with advanced professional tools.

The objective is to learn how to invest in the financial market building portfolios to understand the fundamental concepts to make investment decisions.

HollyTools provides you with a practical and intuitive learning environment by putting at your disposal the most advanced tools to build financial asset portfolios.

If you want to know more about our HollyTools:

  • You will know the individual asset and the overall portfolio market risk with different metrics and for different confidence levels.
  • You will measure the diversification effect due to your portfolio assets correlations.
  • You will know the individual asset risk contribution to the overall portfolio risk.
  • You will measure the asset’s currency risk and how they affect the overall portfolio risk.
  • You will simulate different market scenarios and be able to generate risk scenarios.
  • You will have an approach to the returns you can expect in the long term based on asset risks, market performance, and correlations.
  • You will know the return you should achieve in the long term based on the assets market risks.
  • You will be able to use advanced portfolio optimizers to improve your portfolios risk-return profiles.

Our mission

HollyMontt is an independent multiplatform that allows everyone to learn how to invest in the financial markets in an easy and playful way.

  • 1.

    HollyMontt’s main goal is that you learn, gain confidence and autonomy so that you can make your own decisions.

  • 2.

    We will provide you with the HollyMontt guide with the most important investment principles to help you to achieve your success.


Meet HollyMontt characters.

God HollyWise
God HollyWise

You will never be alone in the Sacred Mountain of Abundance. In your worst moments, HollyWise will give you a hand and light your way up to the top.

Nikola no cartoon
A loyal defender of financial orthodoxy. Nikola refuses to invest following intuition and suspicious gurus. He will always advise you to follow a methodology and rigorous models to achieve your success.
Nikola no cartoon

She may look very peaceful, but watch out! This herculean animal doesn’t like it when the habitat of the Sacred Mountain habitat is violated.

Nikola no cartoon
Gentle slopes are not for this specimen. If he guides you up to the mountain, be prepared to jump and release a good dose of adrenaline.
Andrea no cartoon
She sees you moving up the mountain and, even if you have never been on her couch, she already knows where you are limping. She also knows why you take certain paths and not others that would probably be better for you. And this she will let you know.
He belongs to one of the latest species to arrive at HollyMontt. He promises big profits in a very short time, and commission free!.
He is always there for you. You meet him at family events, in the elevator, or in the bar… and he will always share the “latest investment opportunities and secrets” with you…
Nikola no cartoon
She will most likely be the first animal you encounter when you first decide to visit the Sacred Mountain of Abundance. She will introduce you to her financial products in the kindest of ways.
Andrea no cartoon
She incorporates in her analysis and recommendations curious data which supposedly no one else knows how to decode: “they are out there; you just have to know how to interpret them”.
He gets up earlier than anyone else to do fast climbs and descents on the mountain to get the most out of it. He loves to brag about this and other feats on social media.
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