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We are a technological disruptive company in the financial education sector. Through a unique and pioneering user experience at an international level, we universalize the knowledge necessary to learn how to invest properly in the financial markets.

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HollyMontt was born in response to the exponential growth in the self-management of savings by segments of the population with insufficient knowledge of the financial markets and their players.

HollyMontt is the result of many years of research, analyzing trends in uses and attitudes, and especially the offer of services that have emerged in recent years.

Our motivation is to contribute to avoid the different problems that are being produced by a demand with a growing appetite for investment and an offer that in many cases, due to its operative, products and understanding of the financial markets, is not the most adequate for the new entrants.

We offer knowledge, tools and information following a pedagogical model that contemplates the different learning modes and allows the user to acquire only the knowledge and skills needed at each moment as they are needed.

Our extensive experience in the professional and academic fields allows us to offer a rigorous and pragmatic guide oriented to all levels of users, but especially to those people who to date, for multiple reasons, have not had the opportunity or interest to self-manage their savings through financial investments.

We use gamification to facilitate learning, breaking down the main barriers to access the world of financial investments.

We merge social networks with our Web and our future App to create a unique environment where all users can interact in a dynamic and playful way in multiple channels.

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Our mission is not to give opinions about market expectations, nor investment recommendations, nor opinions on specific assets and their trading. We want our users to be able to make their own decisions through HollyMontt based on solid principles and fundamentals.

We are an open environment and will provide links to the best existing platforms in the market to help our users find their best partners.


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