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The idea behind writing this article is to make you reflect on both my experiences and the information I have been gathering for some time now.

My aim is for you to benefit from my experience as you get started in the world of financial investments. Although it may not be a magic formula, I would ask you to seriously take my advice into consideration so that you don’t lose money before you start earning it.

The purpose behind writing this is so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did. Like many, my high expectations were soon frustrated when I first started to become active in this world of financial investment.

I want to thank José Luís Alvarez CEO of HollyMontt for the opportunity to post on HollyMontt’s blog and for the help he has provided me at all times to complete this article with additional data and information.

Open your mind and learn from shared knowledge

First of all, I want to share with you a series of phrases which, when we first read them, seem obvious so we do not pay much attention to them. However, it is not until we experience the consequences of not having taken them into account in the first place that we discover their real value.

  1. “Fast and easy money does not exist in financial markets.” Don’t trust anyone who promises you the opposite.
  2. “Investing is not as difficult as some people would have you believe, but it is not as easy as you think either.”
  3. “Before you invest your money, save up and educate yourself. Create a safety cushion and obtain information through reliable sources.”
  4. “When you invest, remember that Rome was not built in a day.”

Advertising and what we are made to believe

The large amounts of advertising that exist throughout the media networks lead us to believe things that, although we may find difficult to acknowledge, are the fault of our own naivety and ignorance. Moreover, the trap into which we all fall, and from where we are taken advantage of, is due to the illusion we have of improving our finances and even achieving our financial freedom. Faced with this illusion and from a position of naivety, I agree that it is an easy trap to fall into.

The advertising flooding the media and the recommendations from other enthusiastic beginners like ourselves, give us a false view of not only what financial markets are and how they work, but also the suitability of the products we can invest in and which are the most appropriate deals for us.

I have compiled some of the main messages that induced me to start investing, doing things that I now know I shouldn’t have done:

  1. “Financial markets are for trading and also offer the possibility of expanding profits thanks to the leverage you can use.”
  2. “Inexperienced people like you are already operating and making profits, to the point that some have already gained financial freedom.” “If you don’t know how, don’t worry, try it, as investing in financial markets is easy and we provide you with this access.”
  3. “A few courses and tutorials are enough for you to start trading in financial markets”
  4. “Building a portfolio is very easy, and it’s only about selecting a few assets.” “We will make recommendations and you can also copy the portfolios of our most successful users.”
  5. “Having made a profit at some point is the best the indicator that you are on the right way.”
José Luís Álvarez – CEO HollyMontt

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