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Our investment tools are designed to help you learn how to build an optimized portfolio in a few simple steps. The HollyTools put advanced metrics and sophisticated algorithms at your disposal through a simple and intuitive interface.

But what can this investment tool do for you? Besides being a powerful practical method to develop your learning as an investor, it is a simulator that allows you to understand essential metrics for an investor and generate different portfolios with different financial assets that will be very useful if you want to invest.

A necessary tool for building investment portfolios

The first step in investing is to determine the composition of your portfolio based on your expectations. A good decision is always to diversify your portfolio with different asset classes and with various individual assets. 

This portfolio construction tool allows you to simulate what a portfolio with your preferences but adapted to your risk profile would look like.

Depending on your investment experience, the portfolio construction tool itself will indicate the maximum number of assets with which we recommend you to start investing.

Afterwards, you can decide if you want to select these assets yourself or if you prefer the tools, through algorithms, to help you in this process.

You can choose from a varied representation of the main asset classes and financial instruments:

    • Stocks of companies listed on different markets (Europe, USA, UK, Japan, Japan, China…).
    • ETFs from the stock exchanges of the world’s major markets.
    • Fixed income assets (European and US government and corporate bonds).
    • Commodities
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • And, if you do not want to assume much risk, you can decide the amount you do not want to invest in financial markets and leave a part of your availability to invest in assets without market risk such as Demand Deposits.

Afterwards, you will see the portfolio you have built and you will be able to make the modifications you consider to adapt it to your expectations and risk profile.

In addition, it provides you with indispensable lessons for financial investment

Why are these investment tools useful? These tools offer metrics, sophisticated algorithms and advanced simulators developed over many years and used by expert industry professionals and adapted and made available and more understandable for the first time to nonprofessional investors. We provide you with the legacy of Nobel Laureates, renowned academics, and top industry professionals, so that you have different and complementary information to what you can find on other platforms.

The tool tells you the overall risk of your portfolio. Our algorithm is designed to analyze the specific behavior of each of the assets you have selected and their behavior with respect to the rest of the assets in your portfolio in different market situations.

In this way, our tool will provide you with the maximum risk of loss that you can have in a wide range of possible cases.

Based on this information, you have the possibility to make adjustments to your portfolio to optimize the risk/return trade-off. You can test different scenarios such as different interest rates, inflation, and the evolution of each of the asset classes.

As a last step, you can use different functionalities of sophisticated optimization algorithms, and check:

  1. How the assets you have chosen within your portfolio would be distributed after a return/risk optimization process.
  2. How it would be of a portfolio optimized from your preferences, choosing a wide number of assets that you consider interesting to be analyzed, but with the level of risk that you determine.
  3. Even, how it would be a portfolio optimized also from your preferences but that in the resulting portfolio appear those in which you have special interest in that they are always in your portfolio.

Tools for investing in the stock market

Your asset selection strategy needs to be always contrasted by the overall risk you are taking. Depending on the stocks selected and the weight of each one of them, the risk/return ratio can change substantially.

For this reason, it is vital that you have a simulator that allows you to know the best combinations that allow you to incorporate your expectations and validate their risk.

You can also incorporate stock market rates of the main stock exchanges in the world, through stock market ETFs. This will allow you to achieve a level of diversification that you can hardly achieve through individual assets.

Tools for investing in cryptocurrencies

If there is one thing that characterizes cryptocurrency investments, it is their high risk. HollyTools, allows you to incorporate this type of assets in your portfolio with a better overall risk management.

José Luís Álvarez – CEO HollyMontt

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