Learn to invest by practising as if it were real!

HollyTools is a powerful learning tool that allows you to practice with financial market data without having to invest real money.

What can you achieve with our investment simulator?

Acquire the skills and gain confidence to invest with a solid criteria without risking your money:

  • Understand the concepts to make investment decisions.
  • Obtain practical learning with real data.
  • Access data and metrics to build your own portfolios.

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How do you learn with our investment simulator?

You learn by practicing easily and intuitively with professional tools.

Our investment simulator guide you when building your portfolios, informing of your progress through the most important portfolio indicators, such as risk-adjusted expected return, risk, and diversification.

How does our investment simulator work?

Our simulator helps you build, from scratch, a portfolio of financial assets.

You start by selecting your portfolio assets, choosing from over 400 assets including stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Commodities, and some Cryptocurrencies.

Whether you know how to choose your assets or not, our investment simulator provide you with the ratios, metrics, and tools to change your assets and improve your portfolios.

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What’s different with our investment simulator?

An unparalleled learning experience based on a practical approach, allowing you to learn how to invest in the financial markets in a guided and intuitive method.

HollyTools is the world’s cutting-edge algorithmic simulator for long-term investment education.

Our investment simulator combines technology with professional tools, delivering a pioneering learning solution.

The solution to learn how to invest by building your portfolios understanding the most important concepts to make investment decisions in the financial markets.

What’s within your reach?
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Investment Simulator – HollyTools

What can the HollyMontt simulator do for you?

  1. Our investment tool is designed to help you learn how to invest. The goal is for you to achieve your goals by better managing your savings and investments. We want you to gain the necessary criteria to make your own investment decisions in a smarter and more informed way.

  2. With HollyTools, you will learn how to build your own portfolio through simple steps.

  3. Our investment solution provides you with advanced metrics and sophisticated algorithms providing access to professional-grade tools through a simple and intuitive interface. HollyTools is the result of knowledge and experience from top professionals in the industry. We are based on the legacy of Nobel laureates, research, and best professional practices

    Our mission is to make all these professional tools available to you in a different way that facilitates understanding.

  4. HollyMontt’s simulator, allows you to understand complex concepts and essential metrics for investing, which require a practical learning environment like the one we offer for proper comprehension.

  5. In our investment tool, you will find a different learning environment with complementary concepts to those found on other platforms.

  6. HollyTools offers two differentiated data and metrics environments for investors in both Dollars and Euros.

A tool to learn how to build your own investment portfolios

The HollyMontt portfolio simulator allows you to construct portfolios tailored to your risk profile, enabling you to build your own portfolio with the level of risk you are willing to assume.

Our investment tool measures the risk of all your assets, but most importantly, it provides you with knowledge of the overall risk you assume with your entire portfolio of financial assets.

We offer different risk metrics, such as volatility or expected maximum loss. Additionally, we present various risk analyses for different confidence levels, allowing you to better understand the risk by analyzing the impact of possible adverse market environments on your assets and portfolio.

Through scenario simulation, you can examine the effect of different possible market scenarios, such as the impact of stock market movements, inflation, commodity markets, or cryptocurrencies. You can simulate your own scenarios and observe the effect they could have on the value of each asset in your portfolio and on the overall portfolio. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the risk you assume and concepts such as the Beta coefficient or durations.

By utilizing the risk metrics, scenario simulation, and analytical tools provided by our investment simulator, you can enhance your knowledge and skills in portfolio construction for investing in the financial markets.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, the simulator serves as a valuable educational resource to help you navigate the complexities of the investment world and build portfolios that align with your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Practice to understand fundamental investment concepts

During the process of constructing your portfolio, we provide you with information and measurements to help you understand the most important factors to consider when investing.

  1. 1- Our algorithms will estimate the theoretical returns you could expect in the long term for each asset in your portfolio and the overall portfolio based on its composition.
  2. You will know the overall risk level of the portfolios you construct.
  3. You can measure the effect of asset correlations in your portfolios and understand the risk reduction achieved through diversification.
  4. We provide an analysis of the risk contribution of each asset in your portfolio to the overall portfolio risk. This allows you to assess the suitability of an asset beyond its individual risk, measuring how the individual risk of an asset transforms when it becomes part of a portfolio. The same analysis is provided for market risk with currency risk, market risk alone, and currency risk alone.
  5. Through the various functionalities of optimization algorithms, you can gain a better understanding of the relationship between the return and risk of a portfolio of financial assets. We demonstrate the improvement in the risk-return ratio achieved through portfolio optimization algorithms.

By practicing with these tools and analyses, you can enhance your comprehension of key investment concepts. Understanding the interplay between return, risk, diversification, asset correlations, will enable you to make more informed investment decisions and construct portfolios that align with your investment objectives.

Learn to invest and build an investment portfolio from scratch.

The first step in investing is selecting the assets for your portfolio. This selection can be based on your preferences or expectations.

If you don’t have a criterion, start by selecting a few assets. By practicing with HollyTools, you will learn how to choose assets for your portfolio based on the most important indicators. With Investor GPS, you will understand the level of risk, diversification, and the relationship between the estimated expected return and the level of risk of the financial asset portfolios you are building.

Depending on your experience as an investor, the portfolio construction tool itself will indicate the maximum number of assets with which we recommend you start simulating your investments to learn with our investment portfolio simulator.

Construction of multi-asset portfolios

The investment simulator, HollyTools, allows you to select from over 400 financial assets: stocks from major stock exchanges around the world, stock index ETFs, government and corporate bonds from both Europe and the United States, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Having the ability to learn how to build multi-asset portfolios provides you with a more realistic environment of the asset classes you could invest in to achieve your long-term savings and investment goals.

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