Your investor profile

Each investor has unique characteristics:

  • The amount of their current investments and savings
  • Their capacity to generate future income and allocate it to savings
  • Their personal and financial circumstances that may condition their liquidity needs
  • Their motivations and objectives for saving
  • Their discipline
  • Their willingness to learn
  • The time available for monitoring
  • Their knowledge and experience
  • Their risk aversion

All these characteristics are called investor profile.

Unless all these characteristics of your profile change, you must stay true to your investor profile. Bullish market environments are a temptation to take on more risk than we should.  

It is also important to keep in mind that your investor profile changes with your life cycle.

While it’s great to share experiences, your investor profile is unique. When making your decisions, take advice based on your individual characteristics.

It is very important that you seek advice from trusted platforms and professionals and pay special attention to ensure that there is no clear commercial bias that could lead you to certain products or operations that may not suit your investor profile.

It is not a wise decision to copy from others: friends or forums created by entities with an obvious commercial bias, because your investor profile is unique.

José Luís Álvarez – CEO HollyMontt

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